Welcome to Green Bear's website created just for kids.  Green Bear thinks you are Strong, Smart and SPECIAL and have the right to be safe.  If anything happens to make you feel like you're not safe, tell an adult you trust right away (like your parents, a teacher or a police officer).  If the first adult you tell doesn't help you, keep telling different adults until someone does help!

   If you want to talk to Green Bear or Tiffy Bear - it's easy, just click on the following email address:  wwilson@beaconhealthcenter.com.   Green Bear or Tiffy Bear will answer your message as soon as possible!

   Green Bear and his friends want you to stay safe.  Click here to play some games that include Green Bear and Tiffy Bear.  There are crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, wordsearches and matching games. 

   If you have been to a Green Bear Program, be sure to give Mom and Dad their Green Parent Brochure so they can learn how to keep you safe!

The Green Bear Program         73 Sheridan     Cape Girardeau, MO 63703          573-332-1900